Ruby on Rails development advantage

RoR is a framework employed by a host of industry giants including such recognized web-based services as Airbnb, GitHub, SoundCloud, and others. Corporations like Twitter and Bloomberg also prefer building their platforms using RoR.

A strong community

With a diverse community of developers working in various domains, RoR offers a wide range of preexisting solutions, continuous evolution, and quick adoption of emerging coding practices. It is the best framework to use if you want to be among progressive enterprises that follow the latest, most efficient trends in the industry.

Stay Safe with RoR

RoR is focused on the “Convention over Configuration” principle that also dictates that some of the features and concepts are implemented by default. In case of security, many modern standards are immediately deployed in conjunction with the product removing any unnecessary tinkering from the equation. Secure Development Lifecycle and other practices ensuring improved safety also work well alongside RoR.

Maintain with Ease

Ruby on Rails is one of the simplest frameworks in terms of maintenance routines for existing solutions. Adding new stuff and checking existing modules and plugins for compatibility is a streamlined process that requires less know-how than unnecessarily complicated alternatives. Using RoR is ensuring that future changes and consistent updates demand less time and resources.

Utilizing the DRY Principle

Since 2005, Ruby on Rails managed to push the industry toward new heights with its strong focus on optimizing data management and facilitating better development practices such as DRY. The latter stands for “Don’t Repeat Yourself” and refers to data normalization principles helping to avoid redundancy and unnecessary code by utilizing the power of code generation.

A well-known paradigm born from the desire of coders to make programming efficient and less time-consuming is, of course, DRY. It means that we don’t repeat redundant code, use as many standard schemes and prebuilt solutions as possible and achieve incredible development speeds.

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